Roof Painting

Aesthetics is a top priority in roof restoration. No homeowner would want a roof that is resilient and durable yet looks unattractive from afar. Thing is, roof painting is not just about rendering aesthetics to the roof; it is essential in contributing to the roof’s durability and resiliency to Australia’s all-heat and rain weather.

What is Roof Painting for?

Paint serves as a coating that blocks all forms of damage-causing entities from the room—such as rain, unbearable heat, vermin, bird stool, decaying leaves, constantly changing temperature, typhoon, and inevitable rusting. Without it, the roof is subjected to harmful elements that may cause its deterioration.

  • Manual cleaning, through blowing or sweeping
  • High pressure cleaning, or removing all debris on the roof surface that escaped manual cleaning
  • Rebedding of ridge caps after removing old mortars on the roof
  • Repointing
  • Ensuring that roof is paint-ready (e.g. free from dirt, rust, and any kind of damage, as painting serves as the final touch of all roofing services)
  • Primer coating, or binding acrylic primer which is typically done through airbrush painting or an airless spray gun capable of penetrating and sealing cement tiles
  • Recolouring and sealing
  • Applying the final all-weather-resilient paint colour chosen by you
  • Allowing it to dry, as our team of roof painters will not leave until it reaches this stage

Contact us today, and together, we’ll formulate a way to make roof better looking, more durable.