Roofing Restoration

Rooftec Roof Painting and Restoration’s Roof Restoration services is delivered through a very meticulous process. This process is comprised of:

  • Assessment and scrutiny process, wherein our expert roofers would study the current damage of your roofing. We will identify every breakage, dent, dirt, vermin, hole, or any entity that causes leakage, rust, and other elements that weakens your roofing material
  • Knowing the roofing’s original form, as restoration’s main objective is to restore and not to alter the existing roof design and system
  • Cleaning, which can be done manually or through high pressure cleaning, depending on the need.
  • Rebedding of ridge caps after removing old mortars on the roof
  • Repointing
  • Replacing broken and damaged tiles
  • Double-checking entire roofing, if it is inaccessible to dirt, fire, heat, or water, which could cause leakage, rusting, or worst, damage.
  • Ensuring that roof is paint-ready or free from dirt, rust, or any kind of damage, as aesthetics is important to us
  • Applying primer coating that has binding acrylic capabilities, can be done through manual painting, airbrush, or airless spray gun.
  • Waiting for the paint to dry, as our is our policy not to leave site premises until such occurrence arrive

Roftec Roofing Restoration Newcastle are now ready to provide commercial and residential roofing services to Newcastle region, which is one great addition to its long list of serviced Australian cities and regions.

Contact us today for more details on your next roof restoration project.