Terracotta Roofing

Terracotta has become a popular roofing material for more than a decade now. This is attributed to its being attractive and durable. Moreover, it is capable of protecting a home from all kinds of harm, such as insects, heat, rain, and inevitable weather variations.

However, it is also no secret that it is susceptible to brittleness if it’s not coated properly, or if it is installed by someone without proper roofing knowledge.

Trust Rooftec for your Terracotta Roofing Needs

Rooftec Roof Painting and Restoration terracotta materials are chosen carefully. We trust only the best terracotta brand on the market. Our terracotta roof tiles are made from selected best-of-the-best clays. They are created at a precise temperature of 1100 degrees Celsius, which is important in making it a durable material.

Other benefits of our Newcastle Terracotta tile roofing include:

  • Rainwater collection
  • Easy to assemble, repair, and paint
  • Adherence to aesthetics, as it is considered by architect and designers as a tile perfect for adding class and sophistication to a house
  • Perfect for sound insulation, which makes it a top choice for establishments where meetings, concerts, and private occasions are held?
  • Virtually maintenance free, as it contains inherent chemical and dirt blockers


Ready to take your roofing to the next level? Contact Rooftec to know more about Terracotta roofing!