Common roofing terms

In our years as a quality roofing repair and restoration provider, we at Rooftec have realised that a basic knowledge of the roofing practices and terms we use on our jobs boosts our clients’ confidence in our services and increases their ultimate satisfaction and appreciation for our work. In this post, we’d like to introduce […]

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roofing: construction worker on a roof covering it with tiles - roof renovation: installation of tar paper, new tiles and chimney

The key to building and maintaining a good roof

Roof damage is considered to be one of the costliest forms of property damage. It can be caused by natural disasters or by simple wear-and-tear over the passage of time. In order to prevent this, two things must be taken into account: the quality of the roofing materials used to build the roof, and the […]

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Roof Painting & Restoration Newcastle

The benefits of roof coating

Every roof in Newcastle, Central Coast, and nearby areas in NSW could benefit from roof coating. In theory, roof coating can definitely make your roof look so much better, and since the roof is usually a large part of your home façade, an improvement on your roof surely doubles as a large improvement on your […]

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Different roof types

Beyond offering protection overhead, a roof can also add greatly to the aesthetics and energy-efficiency of a property. Here at Rooftec, we’re experienced in dealing with quite a few different roofing styles and types, which ensures that our clients receive specialised care for their roofing regardless of what style they own. Read on to learn more […]

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Benefits of terracotta roofing

Terracotta, the name of which is Italian for ‘baked earth,’ is a reddish/brownish form of clay commonly used in pottery, sculpting and, as we will discuss today, roofing. Terracotta’s ability to retain its reddish-clay colour for years is one of the features that makes it a commonly used material on the roofs of everything from homes […]

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Common roof problems

There seem to be few terms that strike as much fear into the hearts of property owners as ‘roof problems.’ Having an issue with your roof is notoriously expensive and tricky to diagnose. With this blog post, we hope to clue you in on some of the common roofing issues that we’ve seen during our […]

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All about leaky roofs

Having a leaky roof can be quite a frustrating experience. In addition to the nuisance of the leak itself, there are also plenty of frustrations that come with trying to pinpoint the location of the leak and evaluating any damage that may have resulted in areas surrounding it. With this post, we hope to give […]

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