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The benefits of roof coating

Every roof in Newcastle, Central Coast, and nearby areas in NSW could benefit from roof coating. In theory, roof coating can definitely make your roof look so much better, and since the roof is usually a large part of your home façade, an improvement on your roof surely doubles as a large improvement on your house.

But wait – what is roof coating anyway and why should you consider getting it done for your property? With this blog post, we’d like to give you a run through of the basics of roof coating as well as the benefits of the practice.

The basics of roof coating

Roof coating is a process through which a thickener is applied to a roof to form an outer membrane. This membrane becomes very elastic, stretching and returning to shape with very little damage or warping.

This practice has many benefits above those provided through roof painting. These benefits include:

– Extending the life of roof substrates

Having an outer layer for your roof can offer you better protection for your roof and house in general. Certain roof coatings can even keep your roof cool to protect it from external factors. This can greatly reduce the amount of money and energy you spend on cooling your house during the warm months.

– Getting rid of leaks

Although leaks are usually found in concentrated areas, a well performed roof coating process can cover any leaks on different types of roofs. This process will also protect your roof from the possibility of further leaks by shielding the layer of roofing on which the cracks which leaks commonly occur from weather and other stress issues.

– Aesthetically pleasing

Another great benefit of having a coated roof is that it will simply look better. A typical roof is exposed and left to fend for itself against the sun, weather, and other problems. When these things happen, cracks and other unsightly problems may make your roof look too worn and unattractive. A roof coating will seal your roof and make it less susceptible to cracks and damage.

Hopefully this blog post has given you a bit more information regarding roof coating and how it can benefit you and your home. If you’d like to have your roof coated, give our experts here at Rooftec a call. We’ll gladly take a look at your project and give you a quote!

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