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Restoring Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta tiles are cleaned to remove moss and lichen. The tiles are made from natural clay, which is naturally moist, and moss and lichen are attracted to the roof tiles’ surface.  If left, the moss and lichen will continue to grow, and will restrict the flow of rain water.  When restoring terracotta tiles, your roofing […]

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Replacing Roofing Screws

If you live near the coast, your roof will be affected by corrosion caused by the sea air. Fine particles of sea salt, usually formed by the evaporation of sea spray, creates a salt haze – and it is this haze which corrodes your roofing screws, causing them to weaken.  Once this happens their performance […]

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How to keep birds off your roof

At first thought, having birds hanging out on your roof right seem like just an unavoidable thing that doesn’t do much harm. But as we’ve mentioned a few times on this blog in the past, having certain types of birds on your roof can cause quite a bit of damage – things like peeling shingles, […]

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How to inspect your roof

While relying on an experienced roofing contractor for large-scale repairs and important inspections is a good idea, that doesn’t mean you can’t perform some simple inspections for yourself to ensure that everything is in proper order. With this blog post, allow us to run you through a few steps you can perform on your own […]

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Common causes of roof problems

While a properly installed and maintained roof should last for years, there are a few issues that, if not properly looked out for, can severely damage a roof and cause need for repair long before it’s due. With this blog post, allow us to give you a few pointers on common types of roof damage […]

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Roof Painting & Restoration Newcastle

The benefits of roof coating

Every roof in Newcastle, Central Coast, and nearby areas in NSW could benefit from roof coating. In theory, roof coating can definitely make your roof look so much better, and since the roof is usually a large part of your home façade, an improvement on your roof surely doubles as a large improvement on your […]

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Different roof types

Beyond offering protection overhead, a roof can also add greatly to the aesthetics and energy-efficiency of a property. Here at Rooftec, we’re experienced in dealing with quite a few different roofing styles and types, which ensures that our clients receive specialised care for their roofing regardless of what style they own. Read on to learn more […]

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Benefits of terracotta roofing

Terracotta, the name of which is Italian for ‘baked earth,’ is a reddish/brownish form of clay commonly used in pottery, sculpting and, as we will discuss today, roofing. Terracotta’s ability to retain its reddish-clay colour for years is one of the features that makes it a commonly used material on the roofs of everything from homes […]

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Common roof problems

There seem to be few terms that strike as much fear into the hearts of property owners as ‘roof problems.’ Having an issue with your roof is notoriously expensive and tricky to diagnose. With this blog post, we hope to clue you in on some of the common roofing issues that we’ve seen during our […]

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All about leaky roofs

Having a leaky roof can be quite a frustrating experience. In addition to the nuisance of the leak itself, there are also plenty of frustrations that come with trying to pinpoint the location of the leak and evaluating any damage that may have resulted in areas surrounding it. With this post, we hope to give […]

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