Different roof types

Beyond offering protection overhead, a roof can also add greatly to the aesthetics and energy-efficiency of a property. Here at Rooftec, we’re experienced in dealing with quite a few different roofing styles and types, which ensures that our clients receive specialised care for their roofing regardless of what style they own.

Read on to learn more about the various roofing styles we are experienced in servicing.

Arched roof

Curved steel makes up the frame of an arched roof. This creates a sturdy structure and a fascinating appearance.


Clerestory roof

Clerestory roofing is energy-efficient, as it allows for natural light to flow more freely into the interiors without compromising privacy.


Curved roof

A curved roof is much more subtle than an arched one, offering a sleek and ultramodern touch to your property. As with the arched roof, a steel frame also underlies the curved roof.


Domed roof

A form of circular roof that is complex and quite intricately constructed. Domed roofs are quite commonly found on commercial buildings such as shopping malls.


Flat roof

Contrary to being outright flat, this roof is actually pitched, if only gently. It leverages the contemporary materials that allow for least waterproofing, but is still found in low-precipitation areas.


Gabled roof

Designed as an upturned V, this roof gives more room for you to build an attic. You can also stick a chimney right on one end of its ridge.


Hipped roof

Hipped roofing is an Australian staple that has two pairs of slopes. For example, one pair goes north-south the other goes east-west. This model provides resistance to strong winds.


Mansard roof

This hipped roof variant is known because of one of its slopes that is resting on the steeper one. It is also recognised as the French roof in other places.


Skillion roof

This is a mono-pitched type that showcases one slope that leans on a taller wall. Also known as shed roof, it provides a more enhanced waterway. Because of the lean-to feature, it can also be projected with more flexibility.

Here at Rooftec, we are experienced to work with these and more roofing styles! If you’re looking for an effective roofing company in Newcastle, we hope you’ll give us a call and let us help you on your next roofing repair, maintenance or construction job!

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